Barceloneta Fractal

Barceloneta Fractal (Barcelona, 2013) is an attempt to understand, through dialogue and observation, that strange complex being called Barceloneta. The artists propose a sound and visual journey through the gestures, the sounds, the stories, the memories and the realities that hide in each one of the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

The work has two directions: a first observational, starting from the polyhedral look of the authors towards the variety of people who cross the neighborhood, an analogical way of reflecting the witness of the person interviewed that allows a deeper investigation of the person; and another dramaturgical direction, in which the sum of stories and memories that the inhabitants themselves form a polyhedral view of Barceloneta.

The authors, like the general public, have made this journey without a prearranged course, relying on the power of fortuitous encounters with the people who will be part of the work. It is therefore a gleaning act, a random reconstruction and summation of stories and portraits that conform a fractal reality of the barceloneta.

Portraits: Aneta Ciesielaka